Why is Tulum Tan Cacao Based?



You’ve probably heard of it as a superfood ingredient for smoothies, but what on earth is cacao doing in our tan? 

Apart from the obvious desire to rub chocolate all over our bodies, here are some reasons why Tulum Tan is cacao based:

Cacao is the raw bean from which our beloved chocolate is made, and Mexico is abundant with this heavenly miracle of a plant. Seriously, what would our lives be like without CHOCOLATE? 

It’s packed with nutrients and antioxidants to help preserve the skin’s moisture balance, reducing water loss and keeping skin hydrated for longer — which means TANNED for longer! 

It’s rich with “polyphenol antioxidants”, which is the fancy term for the magical choc dust that helps protect the skin from getting worn out from environmental damage while you’re strutting your bronzed pins down the street all day.

It’s also skin firming and smoothing… Adios, cellulite.  

And it smells and looks DIVINE.

There are so many reasons why we wanted to bottle up some of the magic that we love so much about Tulum. The region is rich in body-nourishing gifts, it was obvious that we had to make a delicious tanning product out of them. And here it is! 

Inspired by Mexico. Made in Australia.

TULUM TAN is a self-tanning solution made with cacao, coconut and coffee, along with aloe vera, argan oil and rose hip oil.

LG x