Tanning Tips

Pre Tan


A smooth base provides the best self-tan results. Ensure all waxing or shaving is done no less than 24hrs prior, giving your pores enough time to close and avoid irritation. On the same day of your tanning session, take your Exfoliating Glove from the Smooth Applicator Set and use it with your favourite body wash to gently exfoliate your entire body in the shower. Always avoid bars of soap as these are drying on the skin, and do not use oil-based body cleansers or moisturisers on this day, as the oils will work as a barrier to the tan. A hydrating shower gel is best.


To keep your skin healthy and supple, you must keep your skin hydrated. This also ensures a longer-lasting and more even self-tan. However, skip the moisturiser on the day of your tanning session to avoid any interference with the tanning solution. Tulum Tan is rich with delicious ingredients to keep you hydrated as your tan processes. The day following your application is when you can continue to moisturize daily.


Post Tan

  • Shower after 1hr for a light tan.
  • Shower after 3hrs for a dark tan.
  • Rinse your body for 60 seconds using lukewarm water, avoiding any soap, shampoo or conditioner.
  • Please keep in mind that this will not be your final colour as soon as you have showered. Your skin has absorbed what it needs at that point, and it will then continue processing over the next 24hrs.
  • Don’t use any moisturiser after your first shower as this may prevent your tan from developing.
  • Results should last between 5-10 days if maintained correctly.